Tyranny in Germany – Home schooling and State Kidnapping

Today’s post is about an issue that touches very close to my own life.

My four siblings and I were educated at home. My wife and her five siblings were educated at home. We are home schooling our children as well.

Fortunately, neither our Federal or State government attempts to make home schooling illegal or difficult. It hasn’t always been like that here, and some countries don’t permit home schooling at all.

Germany strictly outlaws it. Here’s an article about a recent, horrible act of State approved kidnapping:


Millions of people from the U.S. could follow the HSLDA call to action and email or call the German government to try by dint of numbers to cause positive action (I just sent such an email), but the truth is, it may not make an ounce of difference.

Nevertheless, it is important for us to realize that might and numbers do not make right. Kidnapping is illegal and severely punished for a reason. And yet, as if by magic, does kidnapping become “ok” because a democracy has a law making state kidnapping legal?

Don’t be fooled as the Germans of the Nazi era into thinking that horrendous evil can be whitewashed by laws. Each and every one of us has a dual duty to live rightly and attempt with what little strength we have to prevent tyranny and evil from growing in the form of laws . . . laws passed one after another after another, slowly chipping away at our freedoms.

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