Ah. Monday of Christmas week. Here at the Law Offices of Jaired B. Hall, LLC, we are closed. I have made it a practice to always close for a full week around Christmas. The nine days of uninterrupted time away from the office to spend time with my wife and children is always a joy.

Sure, we have our arguments and fights, and with six children now (our youngest daughter was born this past July), there’s rarely a dull or quiet moment at home.

If you are in the unfortunate position of contemplating divorce this holiday season, I recommend that you seriously and prayerfully consider peaceful ways to bring reconciliation to your family. Seek out marital counseling. Talk to your pastor if you go to church.

Maybe there are other serious struggles in your life, not necessarily divorce or even marital in nature. Are you contemplating a lawsuit?

Our legal system is called an “adversarial systems.” Unfortunately, the adversary, or enemy, is often someone who should be close you to you: a wife, a neighbor, a friend, another family or loved one.

Consider reading Peacemaker by Ken Sande.

If you’re interested in peacefully resolving difficulties, check out the Peacemaker website for more information:

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