No Written Reports in Greitens Criminal Investigation

Here is another interesting opinion piece on the Greitens criminal prosecution.

This particularly jumped out at me: “why were they hired and then told not to produce any written reports?”

If you don’t know, the St. Louis Prosecutor prosecuting Greitens spent $10,000 (likely more when it’s over) for a private, out of state investigation company.

If you are ever accused of a crime, almost definitely, the case will be investigated by official investigators of your own county and, in some cases, sent in from other counties, such as expert investigators for the Highway Patrol.

These investigators produced written reports which are then read and analyzed by the defense counsel, and they are very helpful and necessary for both the State and the Defense to prepare for the case.

Apparently, the private investigators in this case were told by the Prosecutor not to produce written reports. Why not? Is Greitens, as Governor, a special kind of Defendant who must be prosecuted differently than a regular person?

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