Happy New Year!

My blogging self must be convinced it’s only 2016. I cannot believe I have not blogged since June of 2016, but time-stamping technology is pretty basic, so I guess my last blog’s stated date is accurate, not my memory.

A lot has happened in the last year and a half as I sit here welcoming 2017.

 I hired a full time secretary shortly after my last blog post, but after a year she moved back to her home town north of Kansas City due to changes in her personal life. So at the moment, I’m operating with two part time helpers. You won’t see the second, my wife, around at the office. She operates behind the scene managing the accounting and invoicing and other office management work.

 The Law Offices of Jaired B. Hall, LLC had a great year. We have been extremely busy. The challenge for 2017 is to try to operate at an optimal level of busyness. This is because, as a business, it’s great to be busy, right? The more business the better, right? Not always, because on the other hand, as a professional helping people with very serious and important issues in their lives, I want to be sure to have the time and energy to devote to each person the care and attention he or she deserves. Each client comes to me and does three things (1) relies on me to help them with an important issues they are facing in their life, (2) tells me confidential information that they don’t tell just anyone, and (3) hands me their hard earned money. I take very seriously the trust that each of my clients places in me, and I strive to help them to the best of my abilities – diligently, professionally, and skillfully.

 The State of Missouri has had a lot of changes in its law. This month, many new criminal law changes go into effect. A few months ago, a new law came into effect that should (it’s hard to tell yet) make joint physical custody arrangements to be more common. Sparked by this new law, several appeals court cases have come out describing in detail how trial courts should determine how to enter modifications of old custody decrees. It is too early to tell yet if these new court decisions and laws will make much of a practical impact on the day to day family law decisions of judges here in south-central Missouri.

 We have a new president elect who takes office in just a few days. This orange haired guy named Donald Trump put his hat in the ring, and throughout the entire primary season, all the pundits said, “He’s a joke, and he can’t win.” I have to admit, on my personal Facebook page, I was pretty vocal with criticisms of Donald Trump. He proved all the pundits wrong. Then came the general election. All the pundits continued to say, “There’s no way he can beat Hillary Clinton.” Even the polls suggested his chances were small. Well, surprise, surprise, he won. I wish him and our Country all the best, and it will be interesting how the next four to eight years pan out.

 When I’m not wearing my attorney hat, I spend most of my time with my family. My six wonderful children are growing by leaps and bounds, and my wife is doing a great job homeschooling them. I also try to write and draw as much as possible. Writing, drawing, and reading are my three main hobbies. I actually did more drawing in 2016 than I have for several years. Unfortunately, 2016 was a bad year for writing.

One thing hasn’t changed. Our freedoms in the U.S. are still broad enough that it is our day to day choices that play the biggest role in determining our success in life. It’s a new year. Don’t let the mistakes of last year drag you down. Commit each day to making positive choices to move you in the right direction.

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