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is the best family law blog I have ever come across in my searches over the years for law related blogs and websites. Every now and again, when I’m interested in looking up a law blog, this is one of the first places I look. Many bloggers come and go. I sometimes let my own blog languish for several months without new content, and many blogs, that once were active, die, and you go to check on them only to find there hasn’t been a post in years.

True to form, Mr. Wortman’s blog seems to have fairly recent posts every time I look for it, and the posts are typically informative and useful, both from the standpoint of a practitioner and a non-practitioner interested in a family-law topic because of what he or she is going through. I have seen fairly lengthy gaps (well over a month), but I have been going back to this blog on occasion for several years.

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