Fundamentals of Liberty: Introduction

On May 2, 2015, I posted Foundational Principles of Liberty: Government versus private sector.

That is the first post in a series of posts I will be working over the next several months. Here is the official introduction to this series even though it is the second post:

I am trying, in a very small and incomplete way, to lend my voice to the project of explaining the fundamental principles, values, and benefits of liberty which I believe are of vital importance to everyone in the world today. And by “important today” I mean that I speak to people today, but these principles are timeless and always have been and always will be important. I am particularly urgent in applying my arguments to my most immediate neighbors, the people of Missouri and the United State of America. I want everyone to educate themselves, and hopefully become persuaded, regarding these vital ideas. We have strayed far from an achievement that was never quite reached in our founding era.

As a lawyer who practices a wide range of civil and criminal law in beautiful, rural, south-central Missouri, my time and energy are primarily spent helping my clients navigate the “positive law.” Positive law is the black and white letter of the law established by the ruling authority. I deal primarily in Missouri State Law but Federal Laws impact my practice as well.

One of my interests lies in the important philosophical and moral principles that underlie the law itself. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get any traction in front of a judge by arguing that many of our laws are oppressive, invasive, and morally indefensible. So while “liberty” is a very important and interesting topic for me, and I want to write about it, it is only tangentially related to my daily lawyer-work.

So while many of my blogs here are explorations of my “outside of work” personal interests, I think it is vital to society at large to educate itself regarding the fundamental principles, values, and benefits of liberty.

My previous post, “Government versus private sector” is therefore the first post in this series of posts.

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