Courthouse Wednesday Continues

A new year is upon us.

Due to operating out of Rolla and Houston, I will not be as available for walk-ins as I was in the past, so please call ahead at 417.967.0066 and schedule an appointment by phone, whether you are a current or prospective client.

Someone should always be in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 4:30, but it’ll be fairly hit or miss on the other days, so call ahead.

If you are not following me on Facebook, now’s a good chance to do that:

Since November, I’ve been posting a picture of a beautiful or interesting or historic courthouse on my Facebook page each Wednesday.

Here is an interesting and beautiful modern Federal courthouse in Springfield Massachusetts which combines classical architectural features with a very modern flair.

US courthouse, springfield, mass (Jan 24)

A few other items of note:

1) As usual, I hit the books (reading) at a good rate. I usually am in the mood to read a lot in January, but I peter off late in the year. I don’t make new years resolutions, but I do make myself a reading schedule and a book list. My book list evolves throughout the year. I am “ahead of schedule” for 2018 so far. But I only got about half-way through my 2017 list.

2) I am working on some short children’s stories. I hope to have a collection together to give to my daughter Charlotte who turns 5 in February. This isn’t something I plan to publish, but is a fairly quick project that I think Charlotte and her siblings will enjoy.

3) I didn’t make any formal new years resolutions this year, but besides reading a lot, I tend to focus a little better on fitness in the early part of each year. This year, I’m trying again to establish a schedule and regularity in exercising, with the goal of being more fit and more healthy than ever. A healthy body, by the way, helps one’s mind stay healthy and clear, and a healthy, clear mind is a good trait for an attorney.

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