Complications of Child Support – Ask Rolla Attorney, Houston Attorney

You have one or more children, but you and your co-parent have separated.

Even in many 50/50 custody arrangements, one of the parties is probably going to pay child support.

Child support can be a tricky subject. It can be set by a court. It can be set by the Family Support Division – Missouri Division of Social Services.

It’s supposed to be based on any and all relevant factors, but unless you have substantial evidence to justify a more personalized number, the most likely support amount will be based on the Form 14.

The Form 14 looks relatively simply, just a 1 page form, right? How hard can that be? And then you see it’s got 14 pages, an appropriate number, of “comments” to explain how to fill out the one page form. And then there’s this fun table showing you how much it costs to support a child based on the combined income of the two parties.

It is particularly difficult to navigate this issue when you are self employed. Suddenly, the “gross income” needed to fill out the Form 14 is a lot more complicated. You can’t just look at a paystub and, voila! there’s your number.

If you live in Rolla, or anywhere in Phelps County, or Houston, or anywhere in Texas County, please call me at 417.967.0066 or email me to discuss your child support issue. I will walk you through the knotty complications of Missouri child support, whether you are the one who will be paying or the one who needs help raising your child.

Call your local child support attorney today.

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