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2017 Reading – 2

On January 12, 2017, I posted about reading. It was my “2017 Reading – 1” post. And why did I label it like that? Because I was going to do several “Reading” posts in 2017.

Silly me. Here we are ten months later, the year 2017 nearly in the books, and I’m just now getting round to a second Reading post.

It appears that I will not reach 30 books for the year, but I have completed 14. I think 20 is definitely attainable, while 30 is probably unrealistic. This 13 includes 4-5 audio books.

I read a few pretty lengthy history books (two biographies of Catherine the Great (18th century Empress of Russia), a book about Russia against Napoleon (19th century), and an account of the 1917 Communist Russian Revolution), which definitely bogs the process down. Maybe I’ll knock out some easy novels to fluff things up a bit in the last few weeks of the year.

Massie C the Great Cover

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