Unjust Regulations Drive Up Dentistry Costs

Regulations like these harm people.

If this Orthodontist “illegally” doing “Dentistry” is harming people, then he should be made to pay fully for the harm he is causing.

The laws forcing him to stop cleaning teeth are tyrannical and should be abolished, and I fully support legally challenging the law’s validity from every possible angle.

It is dangerous business choosing civil disobedience, so I would be supportive of anyone who opted to quit doing the “illegal” act, but on the other hand, I would also fully support anyone who chose to plow ahead in spite of the tyrannical state’s ultimatums.

So long as this orthodontist is not harming anyone, he should be permitted to help people by trading his services for their money—in other words, voluntary, mutually beneficial exchange. What’s more, he’s actually able to give people a much better deal than they can get elsewhere—providing them a benefit not commonly found.

The only people not benefiting from this situation is the other dentists who want to charge more for their work.

The truth is, NO ONE has the right to receive high fees for their work. The cost of something should be high or low based on the negotiated price between the parties. Government regulations and laws are artificial and unjust methods to drive up or down the costs of goods or services.

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